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On may 25th 2019, Netherlands for Scottish independence will hold it's 3rd annual march and rally for Scottish indepence in the Hague. Please help us make this the biggest and loudest one yet. And if by that time, Scotland will have voted yes in a 2nd referendum, it will be a celibration for all our brothers and sisters in Scotland. 


Dear Yes Family. 
Most of you will know OUR adopted Yes Mammy, Patricia Plunkett. 

Mither's health has deteriorated to the extent she is now housebound due to COPD. 
I met Mither yesterday and discussed with her the idea of  Yes Family Electric Wheelchair, which would be loaned to Pat until she was no longer able to get out and about to  OUR RALLIES.
Which she misses so much and I'm sure we all miss her equally.
It would then be distributed to our next Yes Family memeber who required it. 

I will personally foot the bill for any future servicing need, after the initial purchase and service agreement.

Will you help me getnour Mither back on the road and back to OUR RALLIES?