Raimond Dijkstra (Founder)

Raimond, who still lives in Holland, came to scotland for the first time about 8 years ago. He also saw what was going on in Scotland and followed the independence referendum on the foot. He could not believe the lies he saw in the press, especially as he likes to get properly informed through media that is not either in the hands of Westminster or the newspaper owned by Tory or Labour friends, of which some even got lord titles as a thank you. After the lost referendum he became so angry that he decided to do something and became a SNP member and in 2016, he started preparing for the first international march and rally in the Hague.

Soon he found that there were loads more international support that liked his idea. They came from Germany, Scotland, Belgium and Catalonia. Whether they were expats from Scotland living in those countries. Or people from those countries now living in Scotland.

He designed a special event flag and has been photographed with quite a few Scottish politicians like Mhairi Black MP, Alyn Smith MEP and none other then former first minister Alex Salmond, has one of our flags.