Ilona Brandwijk

(Admin and co organiser)

Ilona, who is originally Dutch,  has always had a soft spot for Scotland.
During her ancestral search she found links to Scotland which may have been the reason of this fascination.
 Having come here on holidays since 1997, she had the dream to live here, but she had a well paid job.

In 2008, when she got a good severance pay from her employer, she decided to take the plunge and emigrate to this beautiful country.

Even before she emigrated she   followed the news about Scotland via diverse media outlets.

Once she arrived in Scotland she saw what was really happening and started 

actively supporting the quest for independence.

She became an active SNP member.

It was not for long she realized how biased the press in the UK really is and the blatant lies published by the BBC.

This is not strange as they are firmly in the clutches of Westminster and the BBC managers are old school mates of the party leaders.

That is when she stopped watching the BBC all together.

When she saw the "Netherlands for Scottish Independence"

page on facebook, she decided to ask if she could join and

help organize the 2017 event.