The Vow and Brexit: What happened?

In the period of the Purdah, which is the pre-election period in the United Kingdom, specifically the time between an announced election and the final election results.  This time period prevents central and local government from making announcements about any new or controversial government initiatives (such as modernisation initiatives or administrative and legislative changes) which could be seen to be advantageous to any parties in the forthcoming election.

Thining back to the referendum in the last days before the referendum the unionists made "the vow", which meant that if we voted no we would get much more powers, which basically meant independence without the official title.


ONLY nine per cent of Scots believes that “The Vow” has been kept, according to a new poll. The Vow, signed by Prime Minister David Cameron, then Labour leader Ed Miliband and then Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg promised Scots more powers if they voted No in the independence referendum.