Workers can seek employment and employers can engage staff in any Member State, regardless of nationality.

Now a lot of "politici", such as UKIP and Britain First,  say that this is a bad thing, as foreigners would take our jobs.

The truth is slightly different.


Certain jobs we do not have enough people qualified to do the work, a simple example is the NHS.

The NHS has a massive shortage of Doctors, nures and specialists, but because there is free movement of employees, they can hire foreign workers untill such time they would have enough staff trained or even permanently.

A lot of people do not realize what the actual benefits are of belonging to the single market.


Let me give you a few examples:


Mobile phone costs have come down by 70%,


The cost of airline tickets dropped by 40%.


You can travel across most of the EU without showing a passport or being stopped for checks at borders.

There are no limits on what you can buy and bring home with you for personal use in the EU.

There is no bureaucracy at borders, less costs and businesses have a huge potential market at their disposal.

Wider choice of products in supermarkets, electronic shops, clothing retail stores and pharmacies.

Foreign-owned factories in your region creates local wealth and economic growth.