Why independence is possible

In most mainstream Media in the UK you only read what the elite friends the Conservatives and Labour want you to read. And the BBC is totally bias as well. Scare stories about how much deficit Scotland would have, How people would loose their pensions, how we would lose the pound, how we were only to stay in the EU if we voted NO, yet the truth is slightly different.........


The Pound     : Shortly after the referendum the president of the English Bank admitted that there would have
                           been nothing Westminster could have done if an independent Scotland would keep the pound as

Pensions: If this would have been true, then that would  have meant that not one UK resident or any person in the world that lives abroad would be able to get their pension. However under the Guidance of Westminster the value of the pensions collapsed and people now have to work longer than ever to be able to retire.

EU: Time and time again we got told that if we would YES we would no longer be part of the EU nor Nato, in fact they actually swore that they only way to stay in the EU and not lose trade and jobs was to vote NO. A lot of people that wanted to vote YES but worked in companies reliant on trade with the EU got
 scared and at the last moment voted NO. This is now extra sour, seeing that exactly that vote now get the Scots dragged out of the EU and the single market against their will.The Northern Irish also voted to remain part of EU, however the number of people in England
far exceeds the number of Scots and Northern Irish combined, so they got outvoted.

Mervyn King (former president of English Bank) saying Scotland could keep using the pound

Trade deal      : The first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear to Westminster that she wants
                            a Separate trade deal with the EU after the activation of Article 50, so that Scotland can keep  
                            access to the single market, preserving all the international trade between all the EU members.
                            However Westminster refuses this as they would know that quite a few companies would leave
                            England and relocate to Scotland so they can keep access to the free trade.

Deficit             : Quite a lot of scare stories were spread about the amount of deficit we would have if we were to
                            become independent. However what they did not mention was that we would also have access to
                            an equal amount of all the equity. This means equal share of everything owned by the crown and
                            In case of refusal of that by Westminster that would also mean that we would not be liable for 
                            our share of the debt.

Savings           : If we would be independent we would also no longer have to pay for the wages of 650 MP's,
                           804 Members of the House of Lords (a number that every year increases), 71 English, Irish and
                           Welsh MEP's, The secretarial staff of all those parliamentarians, Not even to mention all their
                           excorbitant expenses,  All the free food and champagne they enjoy on the taxpayer, the cost of
                           rebuilding Westminster palace, The complete refurbishment of Buckingham palace, Trident
                           (which they can also come and take away) so that the safety of the people living in the direct and
                           further vicinity of this weapon of mass destruction, which is operated by the USA (scary thought
                           with Donald Trump as their President),  The complete rebuilding of London Sewage system, The
                           Highspeed rail, which does not even come to Scotland and i can go on for a long time.